In just a few months, BMW will introduce their first “new” Neue Klasse mode. The BMW iX3 (codename NA5) will arrive in 2025 when production kicks off in Debrecen, Hungary. Prototypes are currently being tested around the world putting the final touches on BMW’s Gen6 drivetrain and batteries. So far, the company has been mum about the performance levels of the new architecture, but insiders point out to an interesting, yet expected product strategy.

550+ Horsepower for top model

Initial indications mention BMW adopting a strategy for the Neue Klasse model range that closely resembles Tesla’s approach, incorporating differentiation based on both range and drive motors. The NA5 iX3 might encompass variants with a single rear motor, dual motors, short and long-range variants, and of course, an M Performance all-wheel-drive. Naturally, each one of these variants will come with their own power outputs and torque levels. An entry-level BMW iX3 is rumored to start at around 340 horsepower, then building up to the top iX3 M Performance which could deliver over 550 horsepower.

BMW appears to prioritize a more conservative power output, even though some may argue that 550+ horsepower is more than sufficient for a vehicle the size of an X3. This choice suggests BMW’s intention to strike a balance between range, weight, and power. While electric vehicles have the capacity for remarkable power levels, surpassing many combustion-powered cars, it comes with a clear trade-off: increased energy consumption, particularly during quick accelerations. This trade-off becomes especially evident on the Autobahn.

More Range, Different Battery Sizes

Thanks to the Gen6 technology, the 2025 BMW iX3 may feature various battery pack sizes, resulting in different electric ranges. The top of the line BMW iX3 is anticipated to offer an electric range between 700-800 km on the WLTP cycle. Of course, the more stringent EPA rating will be lower, but still significantly higher than the BMW iX, for example.

We’ve already seen the BMW iX3 prototypes on the road so we have a vague idea what to expect from the electric crossover. The BMW iX3 will bring a “phygital design.” This is essentially a combination of digital and physical design elements. The recently unveiled BMW Vision Neue Klasse revealed some of these styling choices. If the Vision Neue Klasse is any indication, the infotainment system will be even larger than the current 14.9-inch screens used by BMW and will be repositioned in the center of the dashboard. BMW will further embrace the “less is more” approach by eliminating most traditional controls. The iDrive controller will be deleted , but some haptic buttons on the steering wheel are planned. Everything else will be accessible from the touchscreen.

We should learn more about the BMW iX3, including its design and tech before April, so stay tuned!