First showcased on the Vision Neue Klasse concept, BMW’s upcoming next-generation head-up display is set to make its debut on a production model next year. The German luxury brand has confirmed that it will be available on the new iX3, scheduled for release in 2025 on the dedicated Neue Klasse platform. However, it’s not limited to Neue Klasse-based cars, as BMW has stated its intention to implement this advanced HUD in existing models.

Dubbed the Panoramic Vision, the head-up display, which will be as wide as the dashboard, could make its first appearance on a CLAR model as early as 2027. According to unconfirmed information from a Bimmer Post forum member, the first non-Neue Klasse vehicle to feature this highly advanced HUD is expected to be the 5 Series. It’s anticipated to be offered for both the standard- and long-wheelbase sedans (G60 and G68), as well as for the wagon (G61) and the M5 sedan (G90). Interestingly, there’s no mention of the M5 wagon (G99).

As per the same report, the Panoramic Vision is set to be offered as standard rather than being sold as optional equipment. While it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that the new layout will be implemented with the Life Cycle Impulse of the 5er lineup, it’s currently too early to know for sure. After all, the 5 Series sedan models are just hitting the market, and the wagon and the M5 variants haven’t even been introduced yet.

We can’t help but think about whether the Panoramic Vision will be combined with BMW’s tenth-generation infotainment. Speaking of which, it is a known fact that iDrive X will do away with the rotary knob controller, which has already disappeared from the X1, X2, and 2 Series Active Tourer. The next-gen 1 Series and 2 Series Gran Coupe are going to lose it as well.

BMW’s all-new iDrive made its debut in the Vision Neue Klasse, where the electric sedan concept broke away from the traditional instrument cluster by relying on the Panoramic Vision to fulfill that role. The touchscreen, a departure from the screens in current models, featured a much larger display. Looking much like a tablet, it was mounted in the center of a minimalist dashboard that eliminated most conventional controls.

Source: Bimmer Post