Oh deer, BMW has done it again! After working with Meindl in 2022 to create a one-off X6 M, the companies have joined forces again for a pair of controversial SUVs. Like their predecessor, the 2024 X5 M Competition x Meindl and X6 M Competition x Meindl use deer inside the cabin. Processed naturally in Europe, the chamois-tanned deerskin is applied to the seat and backrests.

Deerskin can also be found in other places, from the center console and sun visors to the door handles and steering wheel. Not only that, it’s also noticeable on the armrests and floor mats. That’s not all since even the key case has been wrapped around in leather made from deer hide. In the luggage area, the high-performance SUVs have a cargo mat with more of that deerskin applied onto the BMW Individual Manufaktur lettering and a Meindl logo. The latter can also be found on the outside where it adorns the B-pillar.

Both come with Individual paints, Malachite Green in the case of the X5 M Competition x Meindl and Urban Green for the X6 M Competition x Meindl. The conventionally shaped SUV has the two-tone M Star-spoke wheels (Style 809M) whereas the swoopy variant has black M Star-spoke wheels (Style 818M).

Unlike the one-of-a-kind 2022 X6 M Meindl we mentioned earlier, the SUVs are touted as being limited edition models, with production capped at 25 units. Covered in carbon fiber, the passenger side of the dashboard denotes the model’s exclusivity with a “1 of 25” and “BMW Individual Manufaktur.”

Pricing details have yet to be announced but prepare to pay more than the €114,300 is charging for the standard X5 M Competition in Germany where the X6 M Competition starts at €117,700. There aren’t any mechanical changes since the special edition is all about cosmetic changes, which we’re certain some will find controversial, to say the least.

A full photo gallery is available at the link below.

Source: BMW M