The X6 M Meindl Edition quietly debuted in the second half of 2022 as a one-of-a-kind vehicle based on the Competition model with an Urban Green paint from the Individual catalog. Don’t let the normal exterior trick you into believing there’s nothing special about the performance SUV since the real highlight is on the inside. Created as a joint effort between a BMW dealer from Munich and German fashion brand Meindl, the unique vehicle has deer leather upholstery.

Filmed at the BMW Welt, the X6 M Meindl Edition boasts chamois-tanned deerskin in old black, which is processed naturally exclusively in Europe. It has been extensively used not only for the seats, but also the dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, central armrest, headliner, and even to cover the pillars and sun visors.

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Although there’s only this showcar for now, BMW didn’t rule out the possibility of giving the Meindl Edition a production version. However, we haven’t heard anything since the peculiar SUV debuted in early October 2022. Commissioned by a dealer from Munich, the vehicle would command a hefty premium of approximately €50,000 over the X6 M Competition should a decision be taken to sell it to customers.

BMW is no stranger to collaborations with fashion labels as we’ve seen tie-ups with KITH and Futura in recent years. This X6 M Meindl Edition is perhaps the most controversial as some would argue it goes against the automaker’s increasing focus on vegan interiors and circular economy. It’s totally understandable why the interior might not be your cup of tea, but we do have to admit it looks quite interesting and different.

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As already announced by the luxury brand, the X6 M will go through a Life Cycle Impulse this spring. It’s bound to receive the iDrive 8 infotainment and BMW’s newly developed mild-hybrid S68 engine. This twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 will also be used, albeit in a lesser state of tune, for the X6 M60i. Expect a world premiere in February when the X5 will also be shown in LCI guise.

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