When the previous-generation 1 Series bid farewell in 2019, it took with it the six-cylinder engines, the rear-wheel-drive platform, and the three-door body style. This facelifted F21, however, has all those ingredients, along with copious amounts of extra power. Despite boasting supercar levels of oomph, it retains the good ol’ six-speed manual gearbox.

Extensively modified, the stage 3 hot hatch is now packing somewhere around the region of 700 hp—more than double the original output when you consider the standard 3.0-liter B58 made 335 hp. Built by London-based Serks Motorworks, the hardcore M140i boasts a Dynamic Autowerx B58 Ultra Flow Hybrid Turbo, a high-pressure fuel pump, and direct port methanol injection.

In addition to the mechanical upgrades, the car has received an M2 F87-esque bumper kit, albeit without the bulging wheel arches. Worryingly, the M140i is still equipped with its original brakes, which doesn’t sound too reassuring given the immense hike in output. At the rear, it features a quad exhaust setup that mimics a real M car. It’s worth noting that BMW is now putting four tips even M Performance cars, such as the X1 M35i and X2 M35i.

It goes without saying that the gearbox has been modified to support the massive power and is now equipped with an RTS performance clutch capable of coping with 700 hp. Notably, this M140i is rear-wheel drive rather than the all-paw confidence provided by the xDrive model. Having this much power going only to the rear wheels in a relatively small car sounds like a recipe for disaster, as one mistake could prove to be costly.

We’d honestly be intimated by such a car, but the owner is brave enough to drive the pocket rocket and isn’t afraid to push it hard. Rowing your gears in a 700-hp car must be quite the experience, especially on a twisty and damp road where there’s no room for mistakes.

Source: hampshirephoto / YouTube