With its expansive lineup, BMW is always up to something, whether it’s a Life Cycle Impulse or a next-generation model. The Munich-based marque is constantly tweaking its portfolio, and 2024 is looking busy with the release of several new or updated models. Two of them were recently spotted together, waiting at a red light in the late hours of the day.

Caught in the United States, the next-gen 2 Series Gran Coupe was filmed next to the future X3. While it might not be the best spy video you’ll ever see, it appears as though it was recorded by a person inside a car right behind the next X3. The footage largely focuses on the sedan, which, judging by the quad exhaust system, is the hot M235i. It also features M-specific side mirror caps and a subtle trunk lid spoiler.

The new X3 only briefly appears on camera, but previous encounters (as seen above) have revealed prototypes being tested with the full production body and final lights. Between the two models, chances are this will be officially revealed first, judging by the purported start of production. Codenamed G45, the luxury crossover is apparently set to hit the assembly line in August 2024, whereas the F74 2 Series Gran Coupe is scheduled for November 2024. In January 2025, China will get its own long-wheelbase sedan as the F78.

The X3 won’t give birth to another electric variant on the same CLAR platform, as the role of an iX3 has been assigned to a completely new model on the Neue Klasse architecture. With BMW confirming the next M3 is going to be electric, we’re left wondering whether there are plans for another gasoline-fueled X3 M or if that too will become an EV.

The 2 Series Gran Coupe and X3 are not the only important debuts of 2024; we’ll also witness the introduction of the next-gen 1 Series, an i5 Touring, M5 Sedan, and M5 Touring. Additionally, the M3 and M4 lineups are due for a Life Cycle Impulse, and there are some changes planned for the M2. Not to be overlooked, the Z4 M40i with a manual gearbox and the limited-edition M4 CS.

Source: KindelAuto / Instagram