The 2025 BMW M2 will start production in August 2024 and it will bring some interesting upgrades to the sportscar. For starters, we’ve already reported that the G87 BMW M2 is likely to get a small power bump. According to insiders, the G87 M2 is set to deliver 480 PS, equivalent to roughly 473 horsepower. We should point out that the amped-up S58 specification is earmarked for the regular M2, which won’t get the Competition badge. There was no update on torque until recently, but the usual insider ynguldyn stated last week that a torque increase is possible.

Now according to our own sources, we will see a bump in the torque levels as well. The 2025 BMW M2 will bring 600 Newton meter of torque (442 lb-ft) to the table for the automatic transmission. While the six-speed manual M2s will also get the power bump, the torque stays the same: 550 Nm (405 lb-ft). Of course, that’s most likely related to the design and engineering of the six-speed manual.

But the power output is not the full story for the 2025 Model Year. While the small bump in power and torque is appreciated, the BMW fans will be even more ecstatic to get a wider choice of colors. BMW has often said that they are preparing the San Luis Potosi plant to offer an extended color palette but only two additional hues were made available for Model Year 2024: Frozen Portimao Blue and Pure Frozen Grey.

That’s likely to change though this summer. There isn’t any official confirmation from BMW, as you’d expect, but insiders point to an exciting color palette which could include Java Green, Sao Paulo Yellow, Voodoo Blue, Fire Red, Skyscraper Grey and even Twilight Purple. The latter is quite the addition considering that the Thundernight Metallic is one of the most popular color choices on the M240i.

Given that the base model is already fine-tuned to an impressive 474 horsepower, there’s a strong likelihood that the forthcoming G87 M2 CS variant, which has been observed in testing, will surpass the 500-horsepower threshold. As previously hinted, our estimates indicate that the Clubsport edition is poised to achieve a power output ranging between approximately 518 and 522 horsepower. More on the torque levels in the near future.