In a recent development, the upcoming 2025 BMW X3 prototype has been spotted in the wild, revealing intriguing details about its design and features. BMW fans are in for a treat, as the spy photos of the prototype offer a glimpse of the vehicle’s unique front headlights and taillights.

Slimmer, More Digital Lights

One of the standout features of the 2025 BMW X3 is its production headlights, which have now been exposed for all to see. The LED elements incorporated into these headlights promise to provide a completely new daytime running light design. They are slimmer in design with two light bars inside, similar to recent BMWs.

At the rear of the prototype, the taillights remain shrouded in camouflage, but what is discernible is the presence of two horizontal light bars which end into an X motif. The concealed taillights also indicate that, much like the current X3 (G01 LCI) and other BMW models, the 2025 X3 will feature a dynamic and three-dimensional lighting arrangement.

Curved Display, Less Physical Buttons

There aren’t interior shots today, but we already suspect that the new G45 BMW X3 will feature a redesigned dashboard with a curved dual-screen display, serving as the centerpiece for the car’s new infotainment system. The dual-screen display is divided into two halves, with each half dedicated to specific functions. The iDrive system in the G45 X3 is expected to debut BMW’s latest iDrive 8.5 system which uses the Android Automotive OS.

Moreover, in contrast to BMW’s latest compact class models, such as the X1, X2, and the future BMW 1 Series (F70), the 2025 X3 will retain the iDrive controller, offering a familiar interface for drivers. Some physical buttons will dissapear though which is not surprising considering recent developments.

BMW X3 M50 – The New Top Model

The G45 BMW X3 will include a wide range of powertrains, from the X3 20, X3 20d or X3 30 for gasoline models, to X3 30e plug-in hybrids. The top model seen in these spy photos is the 2025 BMW X3 M50. Notice the lack of the “i” denotation which used to stand for fuel-injected engines. Instead, the “i” now becomes solely an indicator for electric BMWs, just like we’ve seen on current models. Speaking of the X3 M50, the M Performance Model will be powered by an updated B58 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine making at 382 horsepower.

BMW will unveil the new G45 BMW X3 in 2024, followed a year later by the BMW iX3, a Neue Klasse-based vehicle. [Top Image:  Christopher Cooper]