BMW’s Gran Turismo models were experiments that never really took off. Codenamed F34, the 3 Series GT was sold for only seven years and never received a direct successor following its discontinuation in 2020. Launched in 2009, the bigger 5 Series GT (F07) managed to stick around for a longer period considering it evolved into the 6 Series GT (G32). However, the German luxury brand pulled the plug on the 6er earlier this year.

The Gran Turismo models were roomier alternatives to the 3 Series and 5 Series sedans with a longer wheelbase and a more practical hatchback opening. However, the awkward proportions of the cars represented a main factor that prevented the models from becoming a commercial success. In addition, many buyers decided to just buy the 3 Series / 5 Series Touring instead.

But what if BMW were to revisit the GT formula in the electric era? A new unofficial rendering proposes an i6 Gran Turismo as a liftback derivative of the i5 Sedan.

We reckon it doesn’t have the elegance of the traditional three-box saloon but the swoopy roofline lends it an interesting, sleeker profile. You can think of it as a bigger alternative to the i4 since the electric Gran Coupe also has a tailgate instead of a traditional trunk lid. As much as some people will appreciate this design exercise, an i6 GT would ultimately be a niche model. It’s a safer bet for BMW to invest in electric SUVs instead.

Lest we forget we are months away from the world premiere of the i5 Touring, so we argue it’s not feasible to spend time and resources on an i6 GT. Looking ahead, BMW has bigger fish to fry since the Neue Klasse platform debuting in 2025 will consist of SUVs (iX3, iX4), a sedan (i3), and a wagon (i3 Touring).

With BMW pouring millions to fund its zero-emission ambitions, it’s playing it safe by investing in high-volume products. An i6 GT or something to that effect wouldn’t top the sales charts. Keep in mind the Bavarian marque already offers a more spacious alternative to the i5 Sedan by selling a long-wheelbase i5 in China.

Source: Sugar Design / Instagram