Shortly after the Euro NCAP gave the new BMW 5 Series a five-star crash test rating, ANCAP released its own results. Naturally, the G60 once again obtained a maximum rating, which is valid for the electric i5 Sedan as well since it’s basically the same car. However, what really caught our attention was something else. It was an analysis conducted by ANCAP about what would happen should the luxury sedan end up in the water.

Based on data obtained from the indirect driver monitoring system (DMS) fitted as standard equipment, the windows and doors would still work for a while. Specifically, ANCAP analyzed the available information and reached the conclusion these would remain functional for at least two minutes after running out of battery power. This is a feature we certainly wouldn’t want to try ourselves, but it is somewhat comforting to know you wouldn’t be stuck inside the submerged car. Let’s all hope we’ll never be in that scary scenario.


In the event of a crash, ANCAP has rated the new BMW 5 Series with an 89% score for Adult Occupant Protection and 87% for Child Occupant Protection. The Bavarian luxury sedan got an 86% rating in the Vulnerable Road User Protection and only 81% for Safety Assist. These scores, which are slightly different than Euro NCAP’s, are valid for the 520i, i5 eDrive40, and the i5 M60.

The 5 Series / i5 is the last BMW model evaluated in a crash test this year. A few months ago, the iX1 also got five stars from Euro NCAP but the conventionally powered X1 tested in 2022 proved to be slightly safer overall. ANCAP wrecked the i4 in early 2023 and gave it only a four-star rating. It was a similar outcome for the electric 4 Series Gran Coupe in mid-2022 when Euro NCAP crash-tested it. Lest we forget the 2 Series Coupe also missed out on the maximum rating last year.

Source: ANCAP