The G87 BMW M2 is a somewhat controversial sportscar, and when it’s outfitted with parts from IND and Alpha-N, it becomes a head turner on the street. These two companies have a long history of working together to create some unique projects, and their latest collaboration is no exception. It’s not only about looks thought, but also about performance. Therefore, the upgrades continued under the hood as well. And it wouldn’t be a track-ready project without some proper wheels. HRE Wheels provided their 528 Performance Series wheels i9 inches all around and wrapped by a set of Michelin Sport Cup2 tires.

Exterior Upgrades

The exterior of the G87 M2 is already aggressive, but IND and Alpha-N have taken things to the next level with their carbon fiber parts. The front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser are all made from high-quality carbon fiber, and they give the car a more race-inspired look. The carbon fiber hood and trunk lid are also impressive, and they help to reduce weight and improve performance. The carbon grille also adds a touch of sportiness to the front end, complementing the other carbon parts. Moving to the rear of the car, Alpha-N offers a carbon rear diffuser that integrates seamlessly with the an Eisenmann Black Series Performance exhaust system. The diffuser features an aggressive design that help channel the air flow under the car and create a low-pressure zone that reduces lift.

Interior Upgrades

One of the highlights of the interior package is the BMW M4 CSL Carbon Buckets. These are the same seats that are found in the limited-edition M4 CSL, which is a track-focused version of the M4. The seats are made of carbon fiber and feature a fixed backrest, integrated headrest, and four-point harness compatibility. They are also lighter and more supportive than the standard M2 seats, offering a more immersive driving experience.

Another item that adds some racing flair to the M2 is the BMW G8X Fire Extinguisher Kit. This kit consists of a fire extinguisher and a custom bracket that mounts it under the passenger seat. The fire extinguisher is a safety precaution that can come in handy in case of an emergency, especially if you take your M2 to the track. The bracket is designed to fit perfectly in the M2 and does not interfere with the seat adjustment or legroom.

The BMW M4 CSL Steering Wheel w/Alcantara Paddle Delete is another component that enhances the feel and look of the M2 cockpit. This steering wheel is also taken from the M4 CSL and features a sporty design with a flat bottom, red center stripe, and Alcantara wrapping. The steering wheel also has a paddle delete option, which means that it does not have the shift paddles behind it. This is ideal for those who prefer to use the manual transmission or the gear lever to change gears.

The BMW M 50 Year Heritage LED Door Projector Light Kit is a cool feature that projects the BMW M logo and the 50 year anniversary emblem on the ground when you open the door. This is a nice touch that celebrates the history and legacy of the BMW M brand, which was founded in 1972. These interior upgrades from IND are some of the best ways to personalize your BMW M2 and make it stand out from the crowd. They not only enhance the appearance and functionality of your car, but also reflect your passion and appreciation for the BMW M brand.

Even though it gets plenty of upgrades under the hood, IND says that no dyno test has been performed thus far, but it’s likely that delivers more power than the standard 453 horsepower from the S58 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine. See below a list of the most important upgrades:

Exterior Highlights:

  • Alpha-N Carbon Vented Hood with Carbon Vent: Improves engine cooling and adds an aggressive look.
  • Alpha-N Carbon Front Grille: Inspired by the CSL and GT3 variants, adds a motorsport-inspired touch.
  • Alpha-N Carbon Adjustable Front Lip + Splitter: Improves downforce and aerodynamics.
  • Alpha-N Vented Fender Set: Functional and stylish, with integrated blades for additional cooling.
  • IND Painted Front Bumper Center Trim: Seamless integration with the carbon fiber components.
  • IND Painted Front Reflector Set: Maintains a clean and cohesive look.

Interior Enhancements:

  • Black Vernasca Leather with M Tri-Color Stitching: Luxurious and sporty, with M heritage highlighted.
  • M Carbon Trim: Adds a touch of high-performance style.
  • Live Cockpit Pro: Provides advanced information and displays.
  • IND Painted Trunk Emblem – Gloss Black: Subtle and stylish detail.
  • M4 CSL Carbon Buckets: Lightweight and supportive, with a racing feel.
  • BMW M4 CSL Steering Wheel with Alcantara Paddle Delete: Provides a more direct driving experience.

Performance Upgrades:

  • Carbahn (S58) Performance Controller: Optimizes engine performance for enhanced power and responsiveness.
  • CSF Performance Oil Cooler and Charge-Air Cooler Manifold: Improves cooling efficiency for optimal performance.
  • Eisenmann Black Series Exhaust System: Delivers a more aggressive and exhilarating sound.
  • Eventuri Carbon Intake System: Improves airflow for increased power.
  • Fall-Line Motorsports Suspension Components: Enhance handling, cornering, and stability.
  • HRE 528 Wheels with Pilot Sport Cup2 Tires: Lightweight and grippy for superior performance.

Additional Touches:

  • IND Ultimate License Plate Kit: Keeps the license plate securely mounted.
  • BMW M 50 Year Heritage LED Door Projector Light Kit: Adds a personalized touch.
  • Motorsport+ G8X CSL Yellow DRL Conversion: Unique and eye-catching detail.
  • Studie BMW iDrive8 Multifunction Screen Protector: Protects the screen from scratches and fingerprints.
  • Wagner Tuning Multi Function Display and Front Mount Heat Exchanger: Provide additional information and improve cooling.

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