In October, we exclusively revealed that Munich has given the green light for the first-ever BMW M3 CS Touring. Given the consistent sales triumph of the standard M3 Touring and the demand for CS variants, it’s unsurprising that BMW is advancing with the production of this unique wagon. Ultimately, the BMW M CS models follow a straightforward approach: utilizing off-the-shelf components with some software tuning.

Coming in 2025

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Originally, we indicated that the release of the M3 CS Touring was slated for sometime in 2025. However, given the production cycles at Plant Munich, with changes occurring in both Spring and Fall, the options have narrowed down to two possibilities. It appears that production for the BMW M3 CS Touring is set to commence in Spring 2025. And like with most, if not all CS models, the production will run for one year. This is why, just like all the other CS models, the M3 CS Touring will be limited: the rumor is less than 2,000 units globally. And unfortunately, we still won’t get the CS wagon in the U.S., which is a pity because this would be the ultimate M car to own.

Expect Around 543 Horsepower

No other details are known at the moment, but in many ways, the CS models are quite predictable when it comes to power outputs. The BMW M3 CS Touring will likely follow the same recipe as the G80 M3 CS and the upcoming G82 M4 CS: 543 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque from the S58 engine. Of course, we will see a similar design improvements with carbon fiber bits at the front, a more aggressive rear diffuser and a carbon fiber spoiler.

Similar to the other CS models, the BMW M3 CS Touring (G81) will debut with a distinctive launch color, carbon bucket seats, and exclusive wheels. However, substantial weight reduction isn’t anticipated. For reference, the M3 CS sedan trims 75 pounds from the standard M3 Competition xDrive, suggesting that the M3 Touring CS is likely to adopt a comparable approach. As it will be derived from the Competition wagon, the M3 CS Touring will channel power to all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

If there is one modern M car to own, then the 2025 BMW M3 CS Touring will be the one. Not only does it boast practicality and uniqueness, but it is also expected to deliver an exhilarating driving experience.