According to sources, the Buchloe-based automaker ALPINA has no plans to launch a new version of the popular B5 Sedan or B5 Touring. Of course, that extends to the diesel versions D5. It’s unclear why the small automaker passed on the development of a new generation B5/D5, but it’s likely directly related to BMW’s acquisition of the brand. In 2022, BMW AG and ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co. reached an agreement to secure the long-term future of ALPINA. Though, both brands have agreed to not publicly discuss the financial details of the acquisition.

BMW ALPINA B5 Edition 50 F10

For now, business will continue as usual; with ALPINA developing, manufacturing, and selling modified BMW products; until 2025, as both brands extended their long-term agreement for five years, back in 2020. As per that agreement, ALPINA products will still be pre-assembled on BMW production lines, before being transferred to Buchloe, just outside Munich, for the ALPINA treatment. That agreement won’t change until 2025.

After 2025, the current vehicle program at ALPINA’s headquarters in Buchloe will end. Service, parts, and accessories businesses will continue on in Buchloe but the main vehicle manufacturing will not, which will affect jobs. BMW will work to find many of those ALPINA employees jobs with BMW, as well as other suppliers and development partners.

ALPINA B5 – One Of The Best 5 Series Ever Made

BMW ALPINA B5 Touring E61

Over the past few decades, the ALPINA B5 has consistently been rated as one of the BMW 5 Series one can buy. ALPINA manufactured three generations B5: E60, F10 and G30. In contrast, there were only two generations of the D5: F10 and G30. With the sale of its corporate identity and ALPINA brand to its sister company in Munich, ALPINA bid farewell to the B5 model line with a limited B5 GT. We recently drove the car and fell immediately in love with it.

While no B5 or D5 ALPINAs are planned, the rumormill churns out that an ALPINA B7 could arrive in the future, after BMW launches their 7 Series Facelift. Of course, details are scarce around this new B7, but it’s most likely only going to be offered with a V8 TwinTurbo. No ALPINA i7 is planned.