Starting in 2026, MINI will move some of its electric car production to Oxford. Back in November, BMW Group announced that production of two new electrified models – MINI Cooper 3-door and MINI Aceman – will start in the UK in 2026. By 2030 production volume will be exclusively electric and the BMW Group will have spent over £3 billion on its Swindon, Hams Hall and Oxford plants since 2000. A new rumor suggests that MINI will add a third all-electric model in Oxford starting in Spring 2027. The MINI Convertible (J03) is the rumored model.

ICE and EV MINI Convertibles

So far, MINI has yet to acknowledge a new generation MINI Convertible with an electric drivetrain. So far we know that an ICE MINI Cooper Convertible (codename F67) will arrive in 2025 and it will mimic the design of the MINI Cooper hardtop (F66). But with the launch of the J01 MINI Cooper SE, it’s plausible that an open top electric MINI will follow as well. The former was unveiled in September bringing a familiar, yet renewed design language which delivers a balance of nostalgia and innovation.

Minimalistic Design

The new MINI electric takes the approach of “less is more” in design, with smooth, clean surfaces and updated lighting that created a sleek and dynamic profile. Gone were the side scuttles, replaced by flush door handles that seamlessly integrated into the car’s minimalist design.  The fender flares had vanished, giving the Cooper SE a cleaner and more aerodynamic silhouette, with a drag coefficient lowered to an impressive 0.28.

Inside, the interior was also revamped, and if the MINI Convertible SE comes to market, it will certainly take a similar approach with the same minimalist ethos. The centerpiece of the interior is undoubtedly the circular OLED screen, measuring 9.4 inches in diameter. This innovative display served as the hub for an all-new infotainment system, running on the MINI Operating System 9.

Shared Drivetrains

Of course, powertrains are often, if not always shared across the lineup. Under the hood, the 2024 MINI Cooper E is powered by an electric motor that generated 184 horsepower and an instant torque of 290 Newton meters. For those seeking even more powered, there is the Cooper SE variant, delivering 218 horsepower and 330 Newton meters of torque. The Cooper E boasts a 40.7-kWh battery, offering a maximum range of 190 miles in the WLTP test cycle. Stepping up to the Cooper SE meant upgrading to a 54.2-kWh battery pack, which extended the range to 250 miles.

If production is set to begin in 2027, we expect to see the first test mules of the J03 MINI Convertible sometimes in 2024. In the mean time, first drives of the J01 hardtop are scheduled next year as well.