Ultra-luxury cars are hit the hardest by depreciation, and this Rolls-Royce Phantom is a perfect example of how a vehicle’s value significantly drops a few short years after rolling off the assembly line. Listed on Cars & Bids, this 2018 posh sedan originally retailed for a cool $570,360. We all know there’s no such thing as a standard RR but this one takes the cake since it has a whopping $117,610 just in options.

Yes, someone paid nearly the equivalent of a new BMW 760i just for extra features for this lavishly equipped Phantom. The auction on C&B – for which the owner has set a reserve price – ends in two days, and it has 14 bids at the moment of writing. Predictably, the highest bid is nowhere near the original asking price since it’s “only” at $165,500. That’s less than a third of what the first buyer paid for the car, and while the final bid is likely to be higher, we can’t imagine it’ll be even remotely close to the original sticker price.

Registered in California, the stately sedan meticulously built in Goodwood has racked up 8,200 miles so far and hasn’t been involved in any accidents. The Phantom’s Monroney decal is absolutely fascinating, revealing the two-tone paint alone costs about $35,000 if we include the body-colored wheel centers. The owner paid just about the same amount of money for the Phantom Package and $9,650 for the sound system. The black rear curtains were another $7,225, while the fancy clock increased the final bill by $4,850.

This is a Series I Phantom VIII as the Series II was introduced in mid-2022 with a series of discreet updates. It’s not in perfect condition as the seller mentions a few chips on the front bumper while the paint protection film on the driver-side mirror is peeling off. Inside, the outer front seat bolsters are showing creases while the infotainment system doesn’t always reveal itself after pushing the button.

The Phantom remains the epitome of luxury in the automotive segment, and this car could be a relative bargain given its exorbitant initial price. The sheer amount of options isn’t necessarily a big surprise since Rolls-Royce said the average price of a car sold in 2022 was 500,000 euros. That works out to $546,000 at current exchange rates.

Source: Cars & Bids