Although both the i Vision Dee and Vision Neue Klasse concepts have been sedans, the first next-generation electric vehicle on the all-new dedicated platform is actually going to be a crossover. To be more specific, the replacement for today’s CLAR-based iX3 will reportedly be the first NE-based model to enter series production. If a new report is to be believed, BMW is less than two years away from pressing the start button on NE production.

According to a well-known insider from the Bimmer Post forums, the second-generation iX3 is scheduled to enter production in July 2025 at BMW’s new Debrecen Plant in Hungary. Carrying the “NA5” internal codename, the zero-emission crossover will initially go on sale in Europe, with availability in other markets rumored to have been pushed back to spring 2026. Initial versions are expected to be: 40, 40 xDrive, 50 xDrive, M60 xDrive. Later in the life cycle, an iX3 M (“ZA5”) could join the lineup.

As seen on the Vision Neue Klasse, the new iX3 is going to have a massive head-up display as wide as the dashboard. According to the same source, the “Panoramic Vision” terminology used for the concept will make way for a “Panoramic Stage” interface. It’s also getting the next-generation iDrive with a large center screen, and an illuminated grille (Iconic Glow), and according to the same insider, the electric crossover will have multifunction massaging seats.

A multitude of M goodies are planned, including packages, trims, seats, and steering wheel. The self-driving technology is expected to be Level 2 certified, at least based on what is (unofficially) known for now.

As far as the i3 sedan is concerned, the model codenamed “NA0” is going to be built in Germany from November 2026, together with an i3 wagon known within BMW’s buildings as the “NA1.” Many of the models listed by the insider are believed to also hit the assembly line in Mexico at the San Louis Potosi factory but with at least a one-year delay.

Note: The attached images show the Neue Klasse-based iX3 teased by BMW during the world premiere of the Vision Neue Klasse concept.

Source: Bimmer Post