The importance of BMW Group’s Plant Debrecen cannot be understated as the future factory in Hungary will be the first to produce Neue Klasse-based EVs. Ahead of 2025 when vehicle assembly is scheduled to begin, a training center has been inaugurated at the site. It spans 6,500 square meters (nearly 70,000 square feet) and represents the result of a €20 million investment. In total, the automotive conglomerate is spending over €1 billion in Debrecen.

In the initial phase, 100 students will be trained, and the number is set to grow to 300 by 2025 at the dawn of the Neue Klasse era. To make it happen, BMW has teamed up with the Debrecen Vocational Training Center to give students the opportunity to learn skills over a three-year course in the following domains: automotive mechatronics, electronics, IT systems and applications, and the area of mechatronics.

Taking part in the course is a surefire way of getting a job as every trainee will receive an employment contract from BMW Group. Alternatively, students will also be able to gain more in-depth knowledge by continuing to study. With the training center being brand new, it goes without saying it has been equipped with the most modern facilities available.

This newly erected training center is among the first fully completed buildings at the BMW Group Plant in Debrecen, which covers a total area of 400 hectares. Much of the necessary energy to build as many as 150,000 vehicles each year will come from a massive 50-hectare photovoltaic system.

As previously announced, BMW will press the start button on the Neue Klasse with an SUV and a sedan in the 3 Series segment, so think iX3 and i3. Both of them have already been previewed, with a camouflaged prototype and a concept, respectively. An additional four NE-based electric models will go on sale by 2028, and while their identities have yet to be disclosed, we’re expecting an i3 Touring and an iX4.

Source: BMW