You’d think there’s no possible way to make the BMW XM look more outrageous, but AC Schnitzer is here to prove us all wrong. The reputable German tuner is already working on an aftermarket package for the polarizing SUV that fully embraces the dedicated M model’s wild styling and kicks it up a notch. The new parts are a work in progress, which is why they’re all camouflaged on this otherwise menacingly black build.

The changes start at the front where AC Schnitzer is preparing a spoiler lip to give the XM an even more imposing front end. Canards are usually reserved for track-focused machines, which this M mastodont certainly isn’t, but the tuner wants to give the plug-in hybrid SUV a sporty vibe. There aren’t any changes to the profile, not that there are any necessary considering the XM sits on massive 23-inch wheels – the largest ever fitted from the factory by BMW.

The ostentatious SUV is also getting a meaner rear diffuser and a new roof spoiler. That is all AC Schnitzer is willing to reveal for the time being although we’re sure there’s more to come. The first test drives with these add-ons have already been made, and it’s likely only a matter of time before the XM will get a power boost. The S68 is still a new engine, but surely tuners will take a crack at extracting more juice from the twin-turbo, 4.4-liter V8.

In its highest state of tune, the mild-hybrid engine generates 585 horsepower in the XM Label Red before you take into account the electric motor. That’s still less than the 635 hp BMW offered in the S63-powered M5 CS, and logic tells us BMW will want to top the super sedan before the curtain falls on the V8. By the way, that’s not going to happen anytime soon as the M division has stated the eight-cylinder engine will not be retired this decade. Same goes for the inline-six.

Source: AC Schnitzer / Instagram