The first-ever MotoGP race held in India was organized last weekend at the Buddh International Circuit where BMW brought no fewer than three safety cars and a safety bike. A new video shows the M2, M3 Touring, and the M5 CS in action while sharing the track with the M 1000 RR which will go down in history as being the first M product from the Motorrad division.

The three cars are special in their own right as the M2 G87 and M3 G81 both have M Performance Parts while the M5 CS is a limited-run super sedan with a Frozen Deep Green paint from the Individual catalog. Aside from its matte finish, that previous-generation M5 still holds the title for the most powerful BMW production model if we’re talking strictly about the combustion engine.

The Munich-based company never said how many M5 CS units it manufactured but we do know it was only offered for a year. It is believed roughly 1,000 cars were assembled but that’s not an official number as far as we know. The other two cars are far less exclusive, especially since BMW has already built over 10,000 M2s while production of the M3 Touring has tripled compared to the other plan.

A new M5 is on the horizon, having already been teased as a Touring while spy shots have shown the sedan. Both body styles will be out later in 2024, and it’s only a matter of time before BMW M will dress them up as MotoGP Safety Cars. Next year, we should also see the M2 CS and maybe an updated M3 Touring considering the sedan will go through a Life Cycle Impulse.

Having M models serving as the official MotoGP Safety Cars is a good opportunity for BMW to advertise its high-performance vehicles taking into account that the 2023 season has 20 venues held in many places around the world.

Source: BMW M / YouTube