The BMW M3 Touring is not one of those cars that need certain options to become appealing since the super wagon is desirable even in its most basic form. Of course, adding a few extras to the already rich specification of the G81 will only make it even more alluring. Case in point, the long-awaited AMG C63 Estate rival has received an Individual matte paint combined with a few items from the M Performance Parts catalog.

Made famous by the M5 CS, the Frozen Deep Green color suits the M3 Touring quite nicely and is contrasted by the Frozen Gold finish of the optional 1000 M wheels. There are more than a few carbon fiber add-ons, including the front canards that we’d argue, are overkill on a wagon. At the rear, the speedy estate has a different diffuser housing the center-mounted exhaust tips you can also get for the M2 and M4.

This must be one of the most expensive M3 G81 builds out there since it has miscellaneous upgrades such as a carbon fiber fuel filler cap, M-branded door pins, and M Performance side sills. The Tartufo interior has its fair share of carbon fiber, including for the normal seats as this wagon doesn’t have the optional body-hugging bucket seats.

Like all M3 Tourings, this one is a Competition model with xDrive, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and iDrive 8. Unlike the M340i and M3 sedans, you can’t get an optional carbon fiber roof for this car. It’s too soon to say whether the rumored M3 CS Touring will have one but we wouldn’t necessarily count on it. The special edition hasn’t been approved yet and its existence also depends on available production capacity.

Sadly, the M3 Touring will remain a forbidden fruit in the United States where enthusiasts will have to wait until around 2025 for a full-fat M wagon. Codenamed G99, the M5 Touring has better chances of making it stateside compared to its smaller brother.

Source: BMW