Japan-based 3D Design has been working around the clock to give recent BMW models a sportier attitude courtesy of body add-ons. In the last few months, we’ve seen aftermarket packages for the iX and i4 but this latest kit is tailored to a model equipped with a combustion engine. The second-generation X4 in M Performance guise has received a new customer front spoiler lip.

Designed for the facelifted M40i model and the regular X4 with the M Sport Package, the piece is made from polyurethane and features a glossy black finish to mirror BMW and its desire to apply more and more shiny black bits on its M Performance and M cars. Naturally, the front spoiler lip is also compatible with the conventionally shaped X3, as seen back in April on a modified M40d variant tweaked by 3D Design.

There’s more to this swoopy SUV than its new front attachment as the tuner also swapped out the OEM wheels to make room for its 21-inch, two-piece forged set. 3D Design is offering several items for those who own the X4 LCI, including new side skirts, rear diffuser, and tailgate spoiler – all of which are made from carbon fiber. You can also opt for upgraded pedals, floor mats, and paddle shifters.

It wouldn’t be a complete tuning package without some changes underneath the hood where the X4 M40i has a 3.0-liter engine. Codenamed “B58,” the inline-six can be massaged to deliver an extra 50-60 horsepower on top of the already strong output of 382 hp that comes from the factory. 3D Design says it also extracts an additional 118 Nm (87 lb-ft) over the 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) available in stock form.

While a teaser for the smaller X2 has confirmed there will be a next-generation model, rumor has it that BMW won’t renew the bigger X4, at least not with a combustion engine. There might be a purely electric iX4 later this decade based on the Neue Klasse platform but sources close to Munich claim the gasoline and diesel versions will not continue after the current generation runs its course.

Source: 3D Design