3D Design, the renowned Japanese tuner, is launching a series of aftermarket visual upgrades for the BMW iX, the brand’s flagship electric vehicle. This move by 3D Design is particularly significant, as it’s unusual to introduce visual enhancements typically associated with traditional combustion engine vehicles to the realm of electric cars. The BMW iX boasts a sleek and premium design, but 3D Design’s aftermarket modifications provide owners with the opportunity to further enhance the visual appeal of their electric SUV. The tuner has introduced two primary components as part of its initial lineup: a front lip spoiler and a roof spoiler, both constructed from carbon fiber with a 2×2 weave pattern.

Front Lip Spoiler

The front lip spoiler by 3D Design is engineered to complement the “Sport package” bumper and the performance-oriented BMW iX M60 variant. Crafted with precision, the carbon fiber construction adds a touch of aggression to the front end of the iX, enhancing its aerodynamic efficiency and visual presence. The sporty design element accentuates the electric SUV’s dynamic character while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic with the overall design language.

Roof Spoiler

3D Design’s carbon fiber roof spoiler is a versatile addition that fits all BMW iX models. It extends the roofline and subtly enhances the rear end of the electric SUV, creating a more sporty and purposeful look. The lightweight carbon fiber construction ensures better downforce. Additionally, the roof spoiler helps optimize airflow over the rear of the vehicle, further enhancing its aerodynamics. Additionally, 3D Design has expanded its aftermarket offerings for the BMW iX beyond visual upgrades by introducing a pedal set and floor mats to enhance the interior of the electric SUV.

The Uniqueness of Aftermarket Upgrades for Electric Cars

The introduction of aftermarket visual upgrades specifically designed for electric cars is an emerging trend in the car industry. While it has been customary for tuners to focus on enhancing the performance of traditional combustion engine vehicles, the surge in popularity of electric cars has opened up new possibilities for customization. Of course, these parts have to be equally functional and stylish.

By offering visual upgrades, 3D Design recognizes the desire of EV owners to differentiate themselves and make a statement through their vehicles’ appearances. The availability of carbon fiber components not only adds a touch of luxury and exclusivity but also complements the high-tech nature of electric vehicles. [Source: 3D Design]