One of the many perks of being able to afford a luxury car is the possibility to pick from a wide array of paints. BMW has a long tradition of selling cars with a vast color palette, especially when it comes to high-end models with their greater customizability. The Individual catalog has grown tremendously over the years and it now even includes several two-tone options for the 7 Series G70 and its fully electric i7 sibling.

The German luxury brand has its fair share of green shades, a color that’s becoming more and more popular among buyers. Annette Baumeister, Head of Colour and Trim Design, told Australian magazine CarExpert that “the hottest color this year is green. In all the different shades.” She wasn’t referring strictly to BMWs and MINIs as research has shown cars in general come with a green paint job more than before.

That said, she mentioned the typical white, black, and red paints are still generally preferred by customers. Ms Baumeister said the rollout of more green shades was a deliberate move as the people in charge of colors at the BMW Group “were so fed up with white.” Internal research showed green could become the next trendy color, and that’s turning out to be pretty accurate.

Depending on the model, there are more than a few green shades available: Aurora Diamond Green, Mint Green, British Racing Green, Boston Green, Isle of Man Green, Oxford Green, Tampa Bay Green, Frozen Deep Green, Fame Green, Cape York Green, Java Green, Urban Green, Anglesey Green, Signal Green, Sanremo Green, and many more.

On a related note, Ms Baumeister announced new M colors are on the way, hinting these shades won’t be necessarily as bright as the current hues: “Now it’s a bit more this sophistication within the paint. The effects we want to create. It’s going into this lighter direction.” The usual matte and metallic paints are here to stay but BMW wants to spice things up. Speaking of which, we’re hearing the new M2 CS coming in a year or so is rumored to receive a special new M-exclusive color.

Source: CarExpert