Shopping in the luxury segment certainly has its perks when it comes to customizing a car since high-end automakers offer a vast array of options. The BMW M4 is a great example since the configurator is impressively vast, well beyond choosing between rear- or all-wheel drive, manual or automatic. On top of that, the G82 generation has already spawned quite a few limited-run special editions, topped by the M4 CSL and 3.0 CSL.

This build is a regular production model, although we can’t imagine a lot of people ordering so many options for an M4. Painted in the eye-catching Mint Green, the high-performance coupe is a Competition model with xDrive. It’s not necessarily the paint that makes it special, but rather the whole package. It’s chock-full of M Performance Parts and also has an Akrapovic exhaust.

It also happens to have one of the rarest options we’ve seen on current-generation M4s, the M-branded stripe. It consists of a central stripe on the hood featuring “the world’s most powerful letter” and a similar body graphic running along the center of the trunk lid. It’s worth pointing out it’s actually painted rather than a simple decal glued to the car. This option was introduced back in March 2022 and you can have it in Germany for an extra €1,800.

The wheels are just as eye-catching as the car itself since the car sits on the 1000 M alloys with a Gold Bronze finish. From the carbon exterior upgrades to the Shadowline headlights, this M4 nearly ticks all boxes on the options list. Surprisingly for such a well-equipped configuration, this G82 doesn’t have the optional front bucket seats. There’s more carbon to be found inside of the car where the iDrive 8 has revamped the dashboard as the 14.9-inch touchscreen now integrates most available functions.

Come 2024, BMW will give the M4 a Life Cycle Impulse with redesigned headlights that are likely to drop the laser technology in favor of the latest matrix LED system. In addition, we’re hearing the xDrive model will benefit from a minor bump in power and will be joined by a limited-edition M4 CS to echo the M3 CS sedan introduced at the beginning of this year.

Source: Moscarblog / YouTube