The M3 Touring is one of the most desirable new cars money can buy even without ticking any boxes on the options list. You’d think that its hefty price tag that borders on six figures in many European countries would make it more along the lines of a niche model, but BMW has already adjusted production by tripling volume to meet strong demand. Many customers have decided not to settle for a base G81 by paying extra for options.

Such is the case here since this long-roof M3 is wearing an Individual color. Codenamed L74, Velvet Orchid II Metallic is an unexpected paint choice for the high-performance wagon, which has a glossy black roof since there’s no carbon fiber option for the time being. BMW has explained why that’s the case, and it all comes down to the high costs it would have to incur to adjust the assembly line in Munich where the G81 comes to life.

We honestly didn’t think this metallic rose-esque color would work on the speedy Touring but it goes to show the M3 wagon looks good in any color. In recent months, we’ve seen plenty of builds wearing Individual paints, and it would be impossible to choose a favorite. BMW sells the AMG C63 Estate rival only as a Competition model with xDrive but there are still plenty of options to choose from, both in terms of equipment and styling.

Even though the first-ever M3 Touring debuted a little over a year ago, a Life Cycle Impulse is already being worked on. Perhaps that’s not such a big surprise considering BMW wants to align the performance estate with the upcoming LCI for the M3 Sedan as well as the M4 derivatives. The facelifted M3 wagon could be unveiled as early as 2024 or in 2025 but nothing is official yet. There are even talks of a hardcore CS version, although a final decision is pending.

Source: Matthias Malmedie / YouTube