Although BMW is expecting the United States and China to account for roughly half of XM sales, the plug-in hybrid SUV is a globetrotter by being sold in most parts of the world. It has now landed in South Africa where the regional division organized a photoshoot in Western Cape, a province located on the south-western coast of the country.

It’s been nearly a year since BMW introduced the wildly styled XM and we know some of you are still getting used to its unconventional design. During the first six months of 2023, the German luxury brand managed to sell nearly 2,500 units. That isn’t necessarily impressive, but it goes without saying the higher-ups in Munich weren’t expecting the XM to be a top seller given its hefty price tag, especially when compared to an X5 M Competition.

With a starting price of $159,000 in the United States for the base model and $185,000 for the Label Red, the XM commands a hefty premium over the $122,300 X5 M Competition and the $127,200 X6 M Competition. It also costs more than the $149,400 ALPINA XB7, so it was never going to be a strong seller. However, it does lead the way for the M division’s inevitable electrification plans, with all future M models to be hybrids. A fully electric M model is also a matter of when rather than if.

As for the XM highlighted by BMW South Africa, it rides on the stately 23-inch wheels – the largest ever fitted from the factory by BMW. These have a so-called Night Gold finish to match the body’s contrasting accents for the kidney grille’s contour, the upper character line, rear diffuser, and badging. The interior is perhaps just as striking by combining Deep Lagoon with Vintage Coffee for a two-tone leather cabin you can’t have on any other model.

Source: BMW