A couple of years ago, few would’ve thought there would be another SUV positioned above the X5 M Competition or the X7 M60i. Then the Concept XM came along in September 2022, previewing what went on to become a hugely controversial dedicated M model. The plug-in hybrid colossal is not the mid-engined supercar enthusiasts had hoped for the M division’s 50th-anniversary celebrations in 2022, yet here we are, looking at a bespoke M car that weighs over 2.7 metric tons or nearly 6,000 pounds.

A new video puts the spotlight on what is known internally as the “G09” by featuring the regular XM in Marina Bay Blue metallic with 23-inch wheels, the largest ever fitted from the factory by BMW. It does away with the gold side stripe that makes the huge SUV even more striking, but the contour of the XM badges retains the eye-catching finish.

BMW has said the character line along with the two roundels engraved in the top corners of the tailgate glass are a nod to the iconic M1 but that’s where the similarities pretty much end. With split headlights, a massive kidney grille with an illuminated contour, and an SUV shape, this is far from being a low-slung two-door sports car with the engine behind the seats.

The interior sends out a similar look-at-me vibe with Silverstone leather combined with exclusive Vintage Coffee accents for the door cards, pillars, and roof. Speaking of which, the ceiling has a sculptural, prism-like structure and is illuminated by LED strips mounted on the sides. However, if you’ve sat in an X7, which happens to have the exact same wheelbase, the ambiance is quite familiar.

We mentioned earlier it’s the regular XM because BMW has already expanded the model’s lineup to include a Label Red as the brand’s most potent production car ever. In addition, some markets are getting an entry-level XM 50e with a smaller inline-six engine also part of a plug-in hybrid powertrain. As with the X3 through X7 models, the XM is built in Spartanburg, South Carolina. A fully loaded XM Label Red costs nearly €220,000 in Germany, making it the second-most expensive new BMW ever, after the €750,000 3.0 CSL.

Source: Planet Car News / YouTube