The new M2 is likely the last BMW you’ll ever be able to buy with a manual gearbox since it’s expected to outlive the current-gen M3/M4 as well as the upcoming Z4 M40i with a stick shift. For this reason alone, the G87 is one of the most important models in the history of M cars, irrespective of the controversial exterior design and tablet-like infotainment layout.

A new video depicts the sports coupe in Brooklyn Grey with a clutch pedal in an underground parking lot. Shot in Luxembourg at a BMW dealer, the clip shows the M2 swapping alloys as the car was filmed with the 1000 M wheel set with both gold bronze and black finishes. You’ll also notice the anniversary emblems released by the German brand last year to mark 50 years since the M division went into business.

Photo by @biliaemond

Even with the flashy wheels, the M3-engined compact car still looks far more subtle than the M2 we saw at the 2022 Essen Motor Show where BMW brought its full arsenal of M Performance Parts. Beauty is the eye of the beholder, but we do like the contrast between the vehicle’s paint and the gold bronze wheels. If Brooklyn Grey is not your cup of tea, there are several paint jobs available, including the exclusive Zandvoort Blue.

The car featured here also happens to have a carbon fiber roof while skipping the optional front bucket seats in favor of the standard ones wrapped in black Vernasca leather. We’d argue it’s one of the more discreet specs available. We had hoped for the video to be a little bit longer, but at least we get to hear the S58 engine while the M2 drives by a plethora of other BMWs.

Series production of the second-generation M2 started in December 2022 in Mexico ahead of a global market launch programmed for April. Expect an upgraded paint shop at the San Luis Potosí plant in the future to accommodate Individual colors since the M2 begs for some eye-catching finishes as all M cars deserve.

Source: BMW Drivers Club Luxembourg / YouTube