In the world of luxury SUVs, the BMW X6M has always been a symbol of power, performance, and sportiness. However, for those seeking to take their X6M to the next level of visual appeal, the Larte Performance Body Kit offers an even more aggressive design. The tuning company has brought forth a new level of customization with their Performance Body Kit for the 2023 BMW X6M Competition Facelift.

A Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

The aero kit includes a carbon fiber hood, sporty diffuser, and an aggressive front lip. Of course, the carbon fiber material aims to enhance the crossover’s performance by reducing weight and increasing strength. There are also a choice of materials and finishes. Whether you prefer the sleekness of matte or the allure of glossy, Larte offers 100% carbon fiber options, as well as premium composite materials painted to match your X6M’s body color.

From the carbon fiber hood to the sporty diffuser, each component in the Larte Performance Body Kit plays a role in enhancing the looks of X6M. The three-part front splitter, made of carbon, give the front apron an even more aggressive look without compromising ground clearance. The rear diffuser insert, also crafted from carbon, brings a touch of flair with integrated brake lights.

Wheels up to 23 inches

At the rear, the subtlety of a spoiler lip and the boldness of a larger roof edge spoiler gives the car a sportier look. The tailpipe covers can be effortlessly added to the standard exhaust system. To complete the visual transformation, Larte offers custom-designed wheels for the BMW X6M LCI in sizes ranging from 21 to 23 inches.

The company says that the installation of the kit is a hassle-free process. The parts are designed to seamlessly integrate with your BMW X6M, eliminating the need for extensive modifications or additional fitting. You can choose to have the installation performed at a partner service center or a trusted body shop of your preference, allowing you to maintain control over the process.

[Source: Larte]