BMW offers the new G80 M3 CS in four distinct colors. The optional BMW Individual Frozen Solid White metallic paint is exclusive to the M3 CS. Brooklyn Grey metallic, Black Sapphire metallic, and BMW Individual Signal Green are also available. While all great colors, there is one that’s closer to our heart: Black Sapphire Metallic. Autohaus BMW in St. Louis has a 2024 BMW M3 CS painted in Black Sapphire and as you can see in these photos, it’s an easy choice to make.

The elegant black paint complements the M3 CS impeccably, harmonizing flawlessly with its striking red accents and even the gold-painted wheels. To complete this ideal pairing, the interior features exquisite Merino leather in black, tastefully adorned with Mugello red accents. Notably, the yellow headlights stand out even more intriguingly against the backdrop of the deep black paint job.

Inspired by the BMW M4 CSL

Photo @lucasjohnsonvisuals for BMW Autohaus

So far we’ve seen the new 2024 BMW M3 CS in either the launch color Signal Green or in the Frozen Solid White Metallic, so it’s refreshing to see it in other color choices as well. Visually, the M3 CS is a striking proposition in the M3/M4 family. In terms of design, the M3 CS draws clear inspiration from the M4 CSL. Notably, it shares the same grille insert, front air intakes, and a similar lower front lip. Additionally, the hood stripes are almost identical, albeit without the CSL’s red accents, but they are essentially carryover elements. Two main stylistic distinctions set them apart: the M3 CS omits the ducktail rear spoiler in favor of a tack-on rear spoiler, and it features the obvious addition of two doors compared to the M4 CSL.

Sporty Interior

Photo @lucasjohnsonvisuals for BMW Autohaus

As captivating as its exterior, the interior of the 2024 BMW M3 CS leaves a lasting impression. Inside, you’ll be greeted by carbon bucket seats donning a striking two-tone color combination, complemented by a sleek carbon fiber center console. An interesting tidbit to note is the absence of cup holders, mirroring the characteristic of the M4 CSL. The most significant upgrades compared to the CSL model are the inclusion of iDrive 8 and a generously-sized curved display.

Amazing Track Performance

Photo @lucasjohnsonvisuals for BMW Autohaus

Of course, it’s all about the driving experience and the new 2024 BMW M3 CS does not disappoint. We had a chance to review the G80 M3 CS on track a few weeks ago and you can read that review here. Thanks to the S58 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine, the new BMW M3 CS delivers 543 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission sending power to the rear wheels. In terms of performance, the BMW M3 CS is a true powerhouse. The car can reach 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds.

Here is a photo gallery of this Black Sapphire BMW M3 CS:

[Photos @lucasjohnsonvisuals for Autohaus BMW]