Wait, what? As confusing as the headline might seem, that’s basically the gist of the story. Preferably from a mobile device, visit MINI USA’s website and ask the following question: “Why should I get a MINI electric?” The BMW Group brand actually wants you to record yourself while making this inquiry, and what comes after is interesting, if not a bit creepy if you’re an old-fashioned like yours truly.

After the video is uploaded, artificial intelligence incorporated into the website does the rest of the work. You’ll receive an AI-generated video of yourself (yes, really) that looks and sounds virtually identical, but with a twist. The voice you’ll be hearing is going to be lower in frequency to mimic the voice you hear in your head. No, we’re not making this up.

The dedicated MINI-LOGUE (get it?) on MINI USA website relies on AI voice cloning and deep learning technology to simulate a conversation between you and… you. Why? It’s an “attempt to convince yourself” that there are plenty of reasons to buy a Cooper SE. Once the process is finished, visitors can share the AI-generated video on social media platforms for others to see.

MINI currently sells just one EV in the United States as the Cooper SE Convertible limited to 999 units is only offered in Europe. Later this year, the zero-emission lineup will grow to include a purely electric variant of the next-generation Countryman. It’s too soon to say whether it’ll be available in the United States, and it’s the same story with the smaller Aceman electric crossover due to be unveiled in 2024.

MINI is having a great year in the United States so far as deliveries in the first half of 2023 rose by 23.8% to 14,869. Not only that, but sales in the second quarter were up by 47.8% compared to Q2 2022. Globally, the Oxford-based marque was slightly down in the first six months of the year as demand dropped by 0.2% to 140,357 units. On the flip side, worldwide sales in Q2 2023 increased by 10.2% to 71,816 cars. Since last year, the Cooper SE has been the brand’s best-selling model.

Source: MINI