Customizer Dirk Oehlerking of Kingston Custom has once again amazed the motorcycle scene with his latest creation – the R 18 The Crown. Described as the culmination of his work thus far, Oehlerking’s passion for unique motorcycles is evident in this unique piece. For three decades, Oehlerking has dedicated himself to his craft in the Ruhr region, drawing inspiration from industrial culture and his extensive network.

The R 18 The Crown features a self-designed aluminum sheet metal body and a front wheel suspension with a double-sided swinging arm and central suspension strut. In celebration of BMW Motorrad’s 100th anniversary, Oehlerking started with a fresh BMW R18, stripping it down and carefully shaping the design using hard foam and cardboard. His goal was to achieve a powerful, elegant, and innovative appearance.

The innovative design required significant technological adaptations, including the construction of a completely new front wheel suspension with the swinging arm and suspension strut. The body parts and 8-liter fuel tank were crafted from 2 mm thick aluminum sheet metal, hand-cut, bent, and shaped. Oehlerking also handcrafted the two stainless steel exhaust manifolds, while seamlessly integrating standard components such as the headlight, instrument, switch units, and footrest system into the concept of the R 18 The Crown.

To add the finishing touches, Oehlerking gave the motorcycle a Champagne Platinum paint finish with a mother-of-pearl effect, adorned with the BMW brand emblem featuring a small crown. The saddle, made from 2 mm thick aluminum sheet metal and covered in genuine leather, along with components such as the clutch and handbrake fittings from Magura, and the rear mudguard and brackets from Wunderkind, complement the overall aesthetic.

The BMW R 18 The Crown will be unveiled from July 7th to 9th, 2023, as part of the BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin, coinciding with BMW Motorrad’s centennial celebration.