2022 was chock-full of special editions from BMW to celebrate half a century of its M division. North America got its very own limited-run car sold as the (takes a deep breath) BMW M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M. Production was capped at 500 units and these performance sedans were offered with retro-flavored colors. There were five paints in total – one for each previous generation of the M3.

Seen here is Fire Orange III, which enthusiasts remember from the days of the M3 E92 and its Lime Rock Park Edition. It looks great on camera and even better in real life, and with this car marking half a century of M, it also has the anniversary roundel with a classic theme. All vehicles were fitted with these Style 826M wheels in Orbit Grey with a matte finish. Customers were able to choose from red, blue, or these black calipers for the M Compound brakes. At an additional cost, BMW also put carbon-ceramic brakes with gold calipers.

To sweeten the pot, the 50 Jahre got a prominent front splitter made from carbon fiber, just like the roof, trunk lid spoiler, and the covers for the quad exhaust tips where carbon fiber was combined with titanium. As for the interior, open the doors and you’re greeted by the “Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” lettering on the sill trims and on the aluminum plaque below the dashboard. There’s also a “1/500” badge to let everyone know it’s not a run-of-the-mill G80.

This car has carbon bucket seats but BMW also sold the 50 Jahre with the regular M Sport seats. The three famous M colors have been used here and there inside the cabin. Save for the carbon ceramic brakes and body-hugging seats, this M3 came in a fixed configuration featuring adaptive laser headlights with the Shadowline look, the Executive and Parking Assistance packages, wireless charging, and a carbon fiber interior trim. In addition, the car came bundled with a roll-aboard suitcase

Before options, the BMW M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M cost $95,700 whereas the M3 CS that followed with extra power and other upgrades sets you back at least $118,700.

Source: Bros FOURR Speed / YouTube