The 2023 BMW XM is available in a wide array of regular and Individual colors, but what if none of them tickle your fancy? There’s always the aftermarket scene to rely on, and this G09 has already been wrapped. Underneath the custom vinyl is the SUV’s original Sapphire Black paint that hides the vehicle’s unusually complex design. This beige finish with a satin finish does the exact opposite by better showing all the edges and angles.

Beige is typically not an interesting color, but this is no ordinary shade as it was custom-made by aftermarket and repair shop RDB LA in collaboration with Hexis, a French company specializing in self-adhesive films. The XM wasn’t fully wrapped as some of the original glossy black accents are still noticeable on the car to provide a striking contrast. We’d argue the new finish nicely complements the gold contour of the mighty grille as well as the front and rear XM badging.

The XM is actually the third vehicle to receive this wrap from RDB LA, following a widebody Lamborghini Urus Performante and a Range Rover. On the dedicated M model, the vinyl has been applied to the M1-esque accent band on the side profile as well. The black bits go along with the mighty OEM 23-inch wheels, the largest ever offered from the factory by BMW.

The color doesn’t have an official name just yet, but it’s characterized as being something between rose gold and champagne or brown-yellow, so us calling it simply beige might be an oversimplification. Much like on the Urus Performante, the vinyl was applied onto the door jambs as well. Inside, the XM retains the striking two-tone look with Deep Lagoon and Vintage Coffee leather upholstery.

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There’s no denying the XM has one of the most controversial designs in BMW’s history and this custom wrap only enhances the SUV’s angular appearance.

Source: RDB LA / YouTube