BMW has unveiled a new Exploro bike series after teaming up with established bicycle manufacturer 3T. The two companies have created a range of bikes tailored to suit various usage scenarios. The series consists of three types of bikes: gravel, road, and urban, with the option to include an electric motor. All bikes in the series come with a full-carbon-fiber frame, available in six different sizes to accommodate diverse rider preferences.

BMW Exploro Gravel

The BMW Exploro Gravel, equipped with 27.5-inch aluminum wheels, Pirelli Cinturato Gravel tires, and carbon fiber components, is built for gravel tracks while maintaining versatility on surfaced roads. Additionally, the electric version of the Gravel model features a discreetly integrated hub motor and a 350 Wh battery, offering electric pedal assistance for extended distances.

BMW Exploro Road

For road cycling enthusiasts, BMW introduces the Exploro Road, boasting 28-inch carbon fiber wheels, Panaracer GravelKing Slick tubeless-ready tires, and aerodynamic features such as an aero seatpost and carbon fiber racing bike handlebars. This model prioritizes weight reduction, allowing for higher speeds on asphalt surfaces. The electric variant of the Exploro Road, equipped with a smaller battery capacity of just under 250 Wh, offers a significant weight saving and slightly shorter range compared to its non-electric counterparts.

BMW Exploro Urban

Those seeking a versatile bike for urban commuting, shopping, and leisure trips can opt for the BMW Exploro Urban. This model features nimble 27.5-inch aluminum wheels, flat handlebars for agility, and a comfortable Brooks Cambium saddle. The electric version of the Exploro Urban enhances the commuting experience with the Mahle X20 hub motor and a 350 Wh battery, providing efficient pedal assistance for longer distances.

High-End Tech For The Bikes

The bikes come with impressive features such as 12-speed gearing, hydraulic disc brakes, and the option for a fully integrated rear-wheel hub motor. The Rival AXS groupset from SRAM provides electronic, wireless 12-speed gearing, ensuring precise and smooth gear changes while maintaining a clean and organized cockpit. The carbon fiber frames of the bikes showcase a modern two-tone paint finish, with cables for the hydraulic disc brakes neatly routed inside the frame.

The frames of the Exploro series display an elegant and striking design, with a darker shade on the lower section and a lighter tone on the top tube, upper sections of the seatpost, and fork. The gearing system includes a 40-tooth sprocket and a cassette spread of 10-44 teeth, allowing riders to easily tackle steep climbs or ride fast on flat routes. The hydraulic SRAM Rival brakes with 160-millimeter discs deliver reliable stopping power to match the performance demands.

For those seeking an extra boost, the electrified versions of the Exploro bikes feature a Mahle X20 rear-wheel hub motor. These electric models seamlessly integrate the motor system while maintaining a design similar to their non-electric counterparts. The combination of system integration and low weight ensures that the e-bikes maintain the aesthetic appeal of the classical models.

All six BMW Exploro bicycles are now available from specialist retailers and priced as follows:

  • BMW Exploro Gravel – €4,999
  • BMW Exploro Gravel electric – €7,999
  • BMW Exploro Road – €5,999
  • BMW Exploro Road electric – €8,999
  • BMW Exploro Urban – €4,999
  • BMW Exploro Urban electric – €7,999