There are reasons to like and dislike the new BMW M2. On one hand, it has a pure inline-six engine that does away with electrification while working with a six-speed manual sending power to the rear wheels. On the other hand, it’s substantially larger and heavier than its F87 predecessor while having a controversial exterior design and tablet-like dual screens.

If the G87’s styling is not your cup of tea, but the sports coupe still piques your interest, the compromise would be to have it in all-black. A new walkaround video from a Swiss dealer puts the spotlight on an M2 in Sapphire Black with plenty of Shadowline upgrades and dark wheels. The only splashes of colors on the outside are represented by the 50 years of M anniversary badges and the red brake calipers. It has a matching black interior spruced up with the three M colors here and there.

Although we mentioned you can get the new M2 with a stick shift, the car featured here has the eight-speed Tiptronic transmission. Depending on where you live, BMW offers the clutch pedal at an additional cost or as a no-cost option alongside the automatic. You’re unlikely to have the possibility to choose the gearbox in the M2 CS as the hotter derivative is reportedly coming at some point in 2025 strictly with two pedals.

The M2 G87 should score a few extra sales for the simple fact it’s likely the last M car to avoid hybridization and to still offer a three-pedal setup. Seeing the glass half full, it’ll be in production for a long time, with insiders claiming the last car will be assembled in July 2029. Meanwhile, BMW will certainly spice up the tail-happy compact machine with new colors, the aforementioned CS variant, and possibly xDrive. Yes, we’re hearing an all-paw M2 could happen, but not before 2026.

The M2 G87 is expected to outlive the base versions of the M3 G80 Sedan and M4 G82 Coupe by at least a year or so, so logic tells us it’ll be BMW’s final production model with a traditional gasoline engine working in conjunction with a manual gearbox.

Source: SDA Dan Cars / YouTube