Hot on the heels of yesterday’s debut, the BMW X1 M35i xDrive is making the headlines once again to show how the potent crossover looks in a couple of eye-catching colors. Not that anything is wrong with the Frozen Pure Grey we saw in the initial photos, but we’d argue the first M Performance version of the X1 deserves a bit more visual pizzazz. Thankfully, the entry-level model in the marque’s X offerings has been available for some time with Individual paints.

Two of them are being illustrated today and are actually somewhat of a rarity since we can’t remember the last time when we saw either of them. First up, Frozen Tampa Bay Green suits the X1 M35i xDrive quite nicely and has been combined with black side mirror caps. As you have probably noticed for quite some time, BMW is now putting the M-specific mirror design on its M Performance cars as well. The same can be said about the M logo on the kidney grille and the fitment of quad exhausts, which in this case have an 80-mm diameter.

An even more obscure paint is Mora, also an Individual color. It too is complemented by black mirrors and two-tone wheels. BMW has yet to update the Visualizer website to include the X1 M35i, so these two colors will have to make do for now. At the moment of writing, we weren’t able to find a regional configurator that already features the range-topping X1.

The X1 is not the only small BMW to come with Individual colors as the German luxury brand has been offering approximately 160 special paints for the 1 Series hatchback and the 2 Series Gran Coupe since the second half of 2021. Both these two models will skip the Life Cycle Impulse and head straight to the next generation sometime in 2024 and should continue to come with fancy colors.

Source: BMW