If there’s one thing we’d like BMW corporate to change, it’s to list sales numbers for each and every M model. All that we know from 2022 – which was a record-breaking year – is that the i4 M50 was the top seller during a year when 177,257 M and M Performance cars were sold. A well-known tipster familiar with the company’s plans has now shed some light on some of the figures.

With a good track record, Bimmer Post forum member ynguldyn claims M3 G80 Sedan total production since day one reached approximately 25,000 cars at the end of May 2023. We’ll remind you the performance saloon was unveiled in September 2020 and had its market launch in March 2021. In the same timeframe, BMW M made around 24,000 units of the G82 Coupe while the G83 Convertible racked up somewhere in the region of 7,000 units. The droptop hit the assembly line in July 2021 and is only offered as a Competition model with xDrive.

Mind you, these numbers are not official, but we’ve been told they should be accurate. We should also point out that production numbers and sales numbers are two different things since not every car made is instantly sold. Nevertheless, it gives us an idea of what customers prefer. The G81 Touring isn’t listed, although it’s safe to assume the numbers are low considering the super wagon entered production in November 2022. Much like the M4 Convertible, the fast estate is also sold exclusively in the Competition xDrive flavor.

On a related note, the same insider was asked whether he has access to Z4 G29 data. Production of the small roadster has reached 67,500 examples so far, plus an extra 11 prototypes of the M40i with a manual gearbox. The three-pedal Z4 has yet to be officially announced, but we’re hearing it’s still planned and should land at some point in 2024. It could be the model’s last hurrah as Magna Steyr will allegedly end production of the Z4 in March 2026.

Source: Bimmer Post