Since the debut of the new 7 Series and its electric twin, the BMW i7, the general consensus for both has been that they’re not great looking but they’re immensely luxurious and lovely inside. But there aren’t many car enthusiasts that are as hyper-familiar with the 7 Series model lineup as a whole than YouTuber Joe Achilles, who’s owned several 7 Series models over the years and driven them for thousands of miles as a chauffeur. So what does he think about the new i7?

His immediate thoughts on the interior are that it actually doesn’t feel as well made as the previous-generation 7 Series. The last I drove a 7 Series was in November of last year, so I don’t exactly remember how every material felt but I do remember thinking it was lovely inside. However, it’s also been years since I tested the last-gen 7 Series, so perhaps it was better built inside.

There’s no arguing with the seats, though. They’re lovely seats and the seating position is excellent. The cabin is also incredibly quiet and the ride quality is top notch. Having driven the 760i, with a much louder V8 than the i7’s electric powertrain, I can honestly say that the 7 Series is only a few notches lower on the comfort/quiet scale than a Rolls-Royce Ghost. It’s a wonderful place to spend hours and hours.

Maybe not if you’re looking for fun driving, though. Achilles started pushing the BMW i7 hard in this video and found that it just feels too heavy. The steering is OK and it does corner surprisingly flat, thanks to its air suspension and active anti-roll bars, but it just feels too heavy to be fun. Again, I didn’t drive the i7, I only drove the V8-powered 760i, so maybe the i7’s extra weight does make a big difference. Though, I remember the 760i being surprisingly capable on a fantastically twisty mountain road in Palm Springs, California. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with Achilles here, as I haven’t driven the car, but I am surprised to hear his take on its handling.

I will say that he’s likely right about the last-gen 7 Series feeling sportier. That might be by design, though. The last-gen car still tried to blur that line between luxury car and sport sedan, whereas the new 7 Series feels very much like it’s leaning into luxury.

Since the BMW i7 launched, it’s gain nearly unanimous praise for its interior, so it’s interesting to hear a complaint about its cabin and quality. And it’s always good to hear differing opinions, as it creates a more realistic public idea of what the car is actually like.