Many would argue that a wagon has no place on a race track, but the M3 Touring is not your typical grocery-getter. It took BMW decades to launch an M3-based super wagon, and now that the G81 is finally here, many are wondering whether it was worth the wait. Based on early reactions, the AMG C63 Estate and Audi RS4 Avant rival is the ideal solution for a one-car garage. Considering it costs six figures in its home market, it better be worth the hype.

One YouTuber that goes by the “Johnny POV” username experienced the long-roof M3 in less-than-ideal conditions. Despite the rain, he didn’t hesitate to take Bavaria’s super wagon to the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium and enjoy its inline-six engine making over 500 horsepower. Onboard footage shows the all-wheel-drive family car was right behind the new M2, which itself was following an M850i.

Naturally, the M3 Touring was left in all-wheel drive mode and the driver gently pressed the accelerator since the road was slippery and visibility was poor, to say the least. The G81 in question was finished in M Brooklyn Grey and had an optional M Carbon Exterior Package while the interior came in Fiona Red Merino leather and had the optional carbon bucket front seats.

Purists will say the more practical M3 arrived in the nick of time considering electrification is right around the corner. BMW has already said all future M products will be hybridized to some extent, so existing models are the last of the pure ICE breed. You can only get the speedy Touring as a Competition model, so exclusively with an automatic transmission. Those who want to row their own gears can still have a base M3 Sedan with a clutch pedal. Alternatively, the M2 and M4 also come with a stick shift.

It’s the type of car that ticks all the boxes by offering the complete package. An even more brutal wagon is planned as BMW is expected to bring back the M5 Touring for a third generation as early as 2025. It will have a plug-in hybrid V8 adapted from the XM and rumored to make in excess of 700 hp.

Source: Johnny POV / YouTube