Discrepancies in car prices never cease to amaze us, and we’re not just talking about how BMWs sold in the United States are generally much cheaper than the exact same vehicles offered at home in Germany. At $62,200, the G87 is a bargain seeing as how the new M2 starts at €72,800 in Deutschland. Over in Singapore where the taxes and fees are some of the highest in the world, the rear-wheel-drive coupe retails for supercar money.

This week, BMW’s regional branch introduced the compact sports car and it’s charging S$499,888. At current exchange rates, that works out to roughly 372,000 American dollars. Yikes. For the time being, the M2 is offered exclusively with the eight-speed automatic transmission. However, a limited run of cars equipped with the six-speed manual will be launched in the following months. It’s unclear whether the stick shift will command a premium or not, but what’re another few thousand dollars when you’re already paying a not-so-small fortune?

Other recent examples of exorbitant price tags for BMWs sold in the country located in Southeast Asia include the $276,000 3 Series Touring 330i M Sport and the $420,600 M4 Competition 50 Jahre. As for the XM, the dedicated M model can be had for an eye-watering $747,000. Of course, the Label Red will be even more expensive.

It goes without saying Singapore isn’t exactly one of BMW’s largest markets given the astronomical taxes applied there. The M2 CS coming within the next two years or so might just hit the $400,000 mark, which these days buys you a nicely equipped Ferrari 296 GTB. In the meantime, BMW Singapore says the regular M2 has already reached dealers across the country. It can be ordered with one of the five familiar colors: Alpine White, M Brooklyn Grey, Black Sapphire, M Toronto Red, and the exclusive Zandvoort Blue. The 930 M wheels measuring 19 inches front and 20 inches are offered with an all-black or two-tone look while the Vernasca leather inside can be black or cognac.

Source: BMW