The 2025 BMW M2 CS is on its way! BMW’s intention to produce a high-performance sports coupe utilizing the G87 M2 platform was disclosed through recent spy photos. As a result, we have attempted to predict the exterior design of the upcoming 2025 BMW M2 CS. In collaboration with digital artist Nicolás Cavero (@futurecarsnow), we have produced a collection of digital representations of the G87 M2 in various colors. Our renderings endeavor to closely resemble the forthcoming production series M2 CS, drawing inspiration from the current spy shots available.

Some iconic ///M colors are expected

We have commenced our color assortment with three options: Alpine White, Brooklyn Grey, and Techno Violet. Although this may not be the actual color range for the 2025 BMW M2 CS, we feel confident that a few of these selections will be offered in the final production model. We definitely prefer the Techno Violet to be included in the M2 CS lineup among these exterior colors.

The front-end design of the G87 M2 CS takes some design cues from the G80 M3 CS which was recently unveiled. At the front, this 2025 BMW M2 CS features a set of headlights with racing yellow graphics. The kidney grille size stays the same, but it gains red accents on the grill’s surrounding frame. Of course, the lower front fascia makes extensive use of carbon fiber with an integrated lip. The hood was redesigned as well, featuring a power dome with a vent, as seen in spy photos as well.

On the side, a massive carbon fiber rocker panel with red accents gives the car a wider and even more aggressive look. Some of the renders take a stab at the wheel design as well, featuring different colors.

Ducktail Spoiler

Our favorite aspect of the 2025 BMW M2 CS is the rear-end design. We have incorporated the ducktail spoiler from the G82 M4 CSL, as it was seen in the spy images. We expect that ducktail spoiler to be part of an all-carbon fiber trunk. Along with that, we have modified the diffuser while preserving the iconic quad exhaust pipes. Other design elements could be incorporated into the G87 M2 CS production model, but they cannot be confirmed until the prototypes reveal more by shedding their camouflage and fake body panels.

As one would anticipate, the 2025 BMW M2 CS won’t feature a dramatic overhaul in contrast to the standard M2. Ultimately, CS models receive minor visual enhancements, instead prioritizing more impactful mechanical and software upgrades.

Over 500 hp, 8-speed auto only

Regarding the upgrades, we predict that the S58 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine will experience a substantial boost in power from its current 453 horsepower. Following the power increase and LCI in 2024 for the M3 and M4, it is probable that the G87 M2 CS will receive similar enhancements. As BMW has not hinted at an M2 CSL model, it seems logical to maximize the G87 M2 CS, which will probably generate anywhere between 500 to 518 horsepower.

Unfortunately, this might also mean that the 2025 M2 CS will drop the standard car’s manual transmission option. Instead, the M2 CS will only use an eight-speed automatic. Of course, that might be incredibly disappointing since the last-gen M2 CS came with a manual. But BMW has yet to upgrade the current six-speed manual to handle additional torque. So the 8-speed automatic is the logical choice.

Inside, expect BMW’s carbon fiber racing bucks as-standard in the G87 M2 CS. Of course, BMW won’t officially acknowledge the new M2 CS until go-time, but make no mistake about it: the new top M2 sportscar is on the way. We anticipate that the G87 M2 CS will commence production in limited quantities during the latter half of 2025.