MINI is going to reveal a new special edition John Cooper Works model at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring, to help cheer on the Bulldog Racing Team’s own JCW that will be competing in the iconic race. It seems like MINI is debuting a new special edition every other week, as it limps its current model lineup to the long-awaited finish line and this new MINI John Cooper Works 1 TO 6 Edition is the latest.

If you’ve ever seen a MINI John Cooper Works before, imagine that but almost all black. That’s the 1 TO 6 Edition. It only comes in Midnight Black, with a single gray hood and roof stripe down the center. It also gets unique Circuit Spoke 18 inch wheels finished in Jet Black and Piano Black grille and front trim bits. If all black everything isn’t your jam, this isn’t for you.

Why is it called the “1 TO 6” edition? Because it only comes with a six-speed manual, thus first through sixth gear. Mechanically, though, it’s just a manual John Cooper Works. OK, so it has a handful of extra horses, as it now makes 231 horsepower versus 228. Though, driver’s won’t notice the difference in the slightest. Don’t expect much difference from the standard JCW’s high five-second 0-60 mph time. Still, a manual MINI is just right.

Inside, it gets two-tone black and gray seats, some “1 TO 6” badges, unique dash trim, and a sunroof that reads “1 of 999.” Oh, and it’s limited to just 999 units.

There isn’t much that’s especially interesting about this MINI JCW 1 TO 6 Edition, so it’s not something I imagine many existing MINI customers will trade in for. However, it is a cool looking limited-edition, so peopl who love MINI will end up buying all 999 units. It won’t feel any different from the standard car but it looks better, has some unique features, and isn’t going to cost too much.

MINI hasn’t release pricing just yet but it can’t be much money, in the grand scheme of the car market. The standard JCW starts at $35,400, so don’t expect the 1 TO 6 edition to cost much more than that.

This MINI John Cooper Works 1 TO 6 Edition is an interesting looking little car but it’s really just biding its time for the next MINI to come along and take its place. When that happens, the next-gen MINI will have its own JCW model and potentially even an electric one So while MINI seems a bit stagnant, there are many good times to be had.