The 2021 Concept XM had a bespoke interior that sadly didn’t trickle down to the namesake production version. However, BMW’s first dedicated M model in decades still has something to brag about since it’s the only car from the massive lineup with an interior that combines Silverstone with Vintage Coffee. The latter is used for the upper sections, which are covered in Nappa leather with a coffee brown color.

What makes it earn the “vintage” name you ask? BMW uses a special finishing process to form discreet creases and scars. These are never the same, so in theory, each XM specified with Vintage Coffee leather should have a truly unique cabin.  The German luxury brand goes as far as to say it creates “rough areas” and artificial “insect bites” to make it look as real as possible.

Stepping outside of the vehicle, this XM is finished in Marina Blue Bay but those who want something more interesting can choose from one of the 50+ Individual shades. Earlier this year, BMW introduced Urban Green, Sepia, Petrol Mica, and Anglesey Green to the color palette. And yes, those are 23-inch wheels – the largest ever fitted to a production car by the Munich-based marque. You can also get them with gold accents instead of these black surfaces.

The recently introduced XM Label Red has its own subset of customization options, on top of which is a special edition limited to 500 cars painted in matte black. At the other end of the lineup, the base 50e with a six-cylinder plug-in hybrid powertrain has been showcased in an eye-catching Sao Paulo Yellow.

Those who want even more personalization choices must get the 7 Series or its fully electric i7 sibling. For example, the i7 M70 has more than 100 Individual colors available, including two-tone liveries à la Rolls-Royce.

One model in BMW’s vast lineup in dire need of more color choices is the M2 G87, and thankfully, we’ve been told fresh hues will be introduced later in 2024.

Source: BMW