One of the few complaints BMW enthusiasts have with the new M2 is its color offerings, or lack thereof. BMW M has a long history of offering great colors but the M2’s color palette is lacking. However, according to BMW M’s head of sales and marketing Timo Resch, more colors are on the way and some iconic ones might be included.

We spoke with Resch at the 2023 Shanghai auto show about the M2 and its lack of interesting colors, among other things. During our interview, he told us that colors will be added to the M2’s offerings and that “maybe within these new colors, customers and fans might find some iconic colors as well.”

Iconic ///M colors on the way?

The BMW M2’s only two real colors, outside of its monochromatic ones, are Toronto Red and Zandvoort Blue. Both of which are fine colors but they aren’t anywhere near as special as some of the other colors BMW M has offered in the past. Hell, they aren’t even as good as some of the colors BMW M offers right now, such as Isle of Man Green, Sao Paulo Yellow, and Thundernight Metallic. So it seems odd that the M2 would have such a limited color palette.

Sooner, rather than later

Thundernight Metallic

However, new colors are on the way. We already knew that, though. We reported that new colors were on their way weeks ago, though it’s not likely to happen this year. However, the news here is that it’s officially happening and they there might be some “iconic colors” added. Resch didn’t say which iconic colors, nor how many, but just confirmation that they’re coming is exciting. Resch even hinted at a “later this year” timeline.

What sort of iconic colors could the BMW M2 get? That’s hard to say but it’s fun to speculate. Since the M240i offers Thundernight metallic, a fantastic and incredibly popular shade of purple, it would make sense for BMW M to up the purple game with the M2 and offer Techno Violet, the classic E36 M3 color that’s beloved by fans.

Also, BMW seems to really be into greens lately, with the aforementioned Isle of Man Green, San Remo Green, and Manhattan Green metallic, so I think BMW M might bring back Boston Green, which would be awesome. The M2 already has a red and a blue, so Le Mans Blue and Hellrot Red are out.

However, if BMW is brave enough, it would be awesome to see Dakar Yellow make a comeback.

BMW M has an interesting opportunity here. The M2 is the last true M car perhaps ever. After this generation of M2 is gone, there will never be another small, internal-combustion-powered, manual, rear-wheel drive M car again. It’s the end of the line for cars like it, such every classic generation of M3. So why not give it some of the best M colors of all time. Let’s hope BMW capitalizes on the opportunity.