Taking delivery of a brand-new car is a joyous occasion, especially in the case of a dedicated M model. It’s the first BMW of this kind since the days of the M1, and while it’s no mid-engined supercar, the XM is a taste of things to come regarding electrified performance. Future M products will be plug-in hybrid models, with this massive SUV leading the way for the “most powerful letter in the world.”

Specialized in selling BMW parts, Illinois-based IND Distribution has literally unwrapped its XM in Toronto Red by removing the factory-supplied protective film. Their build largely does away with the gold accents and replaces them with black, including for those massive 23-inch wheels. The ASMR-style video also includes footage of the interior by peeling off the screen protector from the dual screens of the iDrive 8.

Photo by BMW China, 2022 BMW XM Sneak Preview

It’s quite satisfying to see how the foil comes off the side sills and pedals while the disposable seat cover is removed. This XM has a tame interior finish by sticking with the standard black theme instead of having the more extroverted Silverstone with Vintage Coffee or Shakir Orange. Exclusive to the sporty luxobarge is a Deep Lagoon theme combined with Vintage Coffee.

The XM still looks as striking as it did last year when BMW unveiled the production model. It certainly stands out from the crowd, but how many people will pony up the premium over the X5 M Competition? Only sales figures will be able to answer this question. For what it’s worth, the company projects nearly half of the sales will come from the US and China.

All XM versions have two-row seating even though the wheelbase matches that of the X7. Similarly, the range-topping SUV is offered only as a PHEV with a choice between six- and eight-cylinder engines. However, the former will only be sold in certain markets as BMW has already said the base 50e is not coming to the United States. There aren’t any plans for a pure ICE derivative, much like the next-gen M5 will be sold strictly with an electrified powertrain.

Source: IND Distribution / YouTube