The new BMW M2 is more aggressive looking in person that it is in photos. In fact, internet photos just do not do the car’s design justice. It’s still weird looking, even in person, but it’s much more aggressive looking in person and that gives it some real menace. However, there’s always room for more aggression, which you can get with some port-installed M Performance options, like the M2 seen in these photos.

In these photos, this BMW M2 wears a simple Alpine White paint but it’s also festooned with port-installed M Performance parts. If you’re wondering why I keep rattling on about them being “port-installed,” there’s a good reason. Port-installed parts are those that are ordered with the car and installed by BMW after the car lands on our shores but before it leaves the port to head to dealers. Hence the name.

Photo credit: @Jasonsoko Instagram

Port-installed M Performance parts are desirable because they’re installed by BMW techs, not dealership techs, and they’re on the car before a dealer even gets its hands on the car. More importantly, though, is that the parts are backed by the full factory warranty, while parts installed by a dealer are not.

The actual parts themselves in these photos aren’t anything new, as we’ve already seen the M2’s suite of M Performance parts. However, the M2 that BMW kept trotting out to display its M Performance parts was wrapped in an orange livery that isn’t available to customers, which was a bizarre decision. Sure, it looked interesting but it gave off the completely wrong impression of what customers could expect from their cars. This one looks just like a car that customers can expect when they spec M Performance cars on their car, in a realistic location. It is cool to see what the heavily customized M2 looks like in a very real life setting, like a parking garage. It proves just how well the M2 will stand out with these parts.

Photo credit: @Jasonsoko Instagram

This BMW M2 has essentially the entire catalog of M Performance parts thrown at it. So it has the side strakes, the front lip spoiler, the fixed rear spoiler, and even some black graphics that contrast its white paint. More importantly, it has the M Performance wheel option, which is better looking than the normal factory wheel options for the M2.

If you’re looking to buy a BMW M2 but want it to be a bit more special than just a normal M2, these M Performance parts could be the way to go. Not only do they increase its wow-factor but they’re installed by BMW, before it even gets delivered to you, and their price increases are factored into your monthly payment and included in the warranty.

[Photo Credit: @Jasonsoko Instagram]