Road & Track has provided us with the first review of the 2023 BMW M2 on the track. The test was conducted in February at the Homestead-Miami Speedway in Florida, which features a banked oval utilized for NASCAR events, as well as a combination of high-speed turns and lengthy straightaways, providing an excellent environment to evaluate the car’s capabilities. The M2 model utilized in the test was equipped with the carbon package, an optional $9,900 feature that includes carbon bucket seats and a carbon fiber roof. With a six-speed manual transmission and an S58 3.0-liter engine, this model had all the essential elements for a purist’s driving experience.

To provide a brief overview of their assessment, without revealing too much, Road & Track notes that the 2023 BMW M2’s power output is lower than that of the M3 and M4. Moreover, the maximum torque appears to occur nearer to the 4,000 rpm threshold, rather than the official stated 2650 rpm. Nevertheless, this is viewed as a positive attribute since it necessitates the use of lower gears to maintain the boost. In our experience, the six-speed manual transmission shares the same gearing as the M3 and M4, but is better suited to the M2’s character.

The review’s subsequent observations concentrate on grip and turn-in abilities. As we previously mentioned in our own evaluation, both the front and rear ends of the car offer superior grip than those of the F87 M2. The added rigidity at the front, C-pillar, and rear significantly enhances sharp turn-ins and exits. The vehicle’s chassis is exceptionally well-balanced, providing you with the impression that you can push the car further than you had anticipated.

At the end of the review, R&T also poses the question: The new 2023 BMW M2 or the Porsche 718 Cayman or Cayman S. Which one do you think gets the nod? Let’s find out in this review.