BMW’s S63 engine has always been a favorite among tuners, especially since the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 was used in a lot of models. The German aftermarket specialists at G-Power have been tweaking the M engine for years by managing to extract ludicrous amounts of power on top of an already healthy output you get from the factory. A new dyno test shows an M8 Competition Coupe fitted with the GP-820 kit.

The eight-cylinder engine was massaged to deliver 820 hp and 1,000 Nm (737 lb-ft) of torque just by optimizing the software. G-Power also has a beefier GP-900 package that comes along with an upgrade for the pair of turbochargers to extract as much as 900 hp from the V8. Many of us think even 820 hp is overkill, but there will always be people with an insatiable thirst for power. The most potent configuration is a Hurricane RR kit with a colossal 1,100 hp.

The S63 engine is slowly but surely being retired by BMW to make room for the new mild-hybrid S68. It’s already found in an assortment of models, and while it doesn’t pack an extra punch, it is more efficient courtesy of a mild-hybrid setup. It’s only a matter of time before tuners will get their hands on M’s latest gem, which is a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 like its predecessor.

The M8 Coupe strapped onto the dyno by BMW also happened to have other upgrades, such as a forged carbon fiber hood with multiple vents as well as a custom exhaust with new downpipes. G-Power got rid of the OEM wheels and installed its very own set of forged 21-inch alloys in black with a multi-spoke design. The most obvious change is noticeable at the back where the speedy coupe now flaunts a large wing.

Rumor has it the 8 Series Coupe will not live to see a third generation as BMW allegedly intends to discontinue the coupe and convertible and keep only the Gran Coupe as a purely electric model. Even if the reports are accurate, that won’t happen for a couple of years.

Source: G-Power / YouTube