Florida-based tuning shop Precision Sport (PSI) is set to undertake a major transformation of their newest project, the 2023 BMW M2. After their successful Rubystone G80 M3 project, the tuning experts are now gearing up to take on the challenge of modifying the newest addition to their garage.

Despite the new G87 M2’s polarizing aesthetics, PSI is looking forward to changing the minds of those who dislike the design while further enhancing the appeal of those already sold on it. Over the next few weeks, PSI will be working on a major overhaul of the car and will be documenting the process through multiple videos.

Photo by PSI

The tuning shop has already been collaborating with their strategic partners on the best approach to take for the build. Their experts specialize in working on BMW projects and is expected to use a variety of unique aftermarket parts for the M2, including a new exhaust, vinyl wrap (potentially), wheels, and aftermarket suspension.

As with their previous build, PSI is not afraid to incorporate unconventional elements into the project. The Thule Roof Box, which was a signature component of the Rubystone G80 M3 build, may also make a return. It remains to be seen how PSI will integrate it into the new project.

Photo by PSI

As the build progresses, PSI will be sharing the progress, development, and information gathered through multiple videos. Tuning enthusiasts and fans alike can follow the project closely to see the final outcome. But before their project kicks off, they decided to take out the Zandvoort Blue for a photoshoot in Daytona.

[Source: PSI]